Republic of Moldova’s incumbent President Valdimir Voronin is considering changing presidency candidate Zinaida Grecianii after discovering her academic grades status, according to sources from the Communist Party (PCRM) cited byZiarul de Gardain itselectronic edition.

On May 28, Moldovan Parliament postponed the presidential elections on the grounds of a national holiday. According to PCRM sources, the real reason for deferring the voting regards PCRM candidate Zinaida Grecianii’s academic grades.

Voronin expressed his discontent before delaying the elections. This could lead to choosing a different candidate for Moldova’s presidency. According to the Moldovan law, the procedure of subscribing a candidate is closed, but constitutional law experts say it is still possible to replace a candidate if one redraws from the presidential competition. This could also lead to a lengthier presidential run.