Head of the Moldovan Social-Democratic Institute Bogdan Tzardea said in an interview for Regnum agency that Moldova’s failure to elect a president is owed to the Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin, who breached the consensus with the Alliance for Our Moldova (ANM), isolating the communists and partially loosing the international legitimacy, meaning the support of the EU, of the US and, to some extent, of Russia.

The analyst said that the communists were seeing the early elections as a chance to come out from the second round with a record number of votes, in the context of a low voting participation: "This aspect will become more obvious if the electoral lists will remain unchanged. After the events from April 7 in Chisinau, the pro-Russia population is afraid of a Romanian inflow", Bogdan Tzardea said.

"This fear is an important advantage that is supposed to bring the victory of the communist party, according to political experts. Plus, the Communist Party mentioned the possibility of redrawing the licence of the Romanian TV channel Pro-TV, a new attempt to shut the mouth of a media channel belonging to a liberal opposition. If this will happen, the opposition will receive a hard blow. Furthermore, one can presume that the negotiations between ANM and the communists discredited Serafim Urechean in the eyes of the liberal electorate, which will diminish the party’s chances substantially", Tzardea thinks.

According to the Moldovan analyst, the early elections:

  • will concentrate the absolute power in the hands of Vladimir Voronin for at least two months, leading to a weaker opposition.
  • There is also the chance for the power to block, if political sides will record a tight score. The parliament can be suspended only once every six months. This would mean a government with minimum prerogatives.
  • The economic crisis might toughen: in the absences of a Parliament, a country cannot attract significant credits or promote anti-crisis measures. Romania’s presidential elections this fall might see incumbent Romanian President Traian Basescu taking an aggressive position in relation to the events in Moldova. This could affect the economic relationships between the two states. The economic crisis might see more social unrest.
  • The instability Moldova will be subject to could result in losing Transnistria, whose obscure regime might toughen internationally.