Half an hour before the Moldovan Parliament was supposed to hear the activity schedule and to vote the new Government structure, deputy Marian Lupu announced he was officially leaving the Communist Party (PCRM). He made strong critics on PCRM’s policy, declaring that he did not wan to take part in a campaign based on threats, blackmail and offensive language.

Lupu is one of the most charismatic characters from Moldova’s political scene. In fact, the communist party owes him the large number of votes that PCRM managed to attract so far. He was in the run for the Moldova’s presidential mandate until this morning.

Many believe this is just one of PCRM’s manoeuvres to attract votes from the Left electorate, who wouldn’t normally vote with the communists. The word goes Lupu would help the social-democrats to get into the Parliament, joining a PCRM coalition afterwards.

The communists are going through a severe image crisis in the eve of early elections. He was the Parliament’s speaker from 2005 - 2008. He was also Economy vice-minister in the Tarlev government and communist deputy.

  • Last week, before electing Moladova’s president failed, Lupu hinted in an interview for Free Europe that he would leave the party. He denied he would afterwards.
  • The current PM Zinainda Greceanii promises democratic, free and correct elections, without "influencing the people’s choice", she said referring to April 7, when Moldova experienced social unrest. As a consequence of April 6 and 7 events, the Moldovan PM said the Moldovan judicial system will be reformed.
  • The structure of the new Government features only two different persons: a new minister for Local Public Administration and a new minister of Culture.
  • Liberal-Democratic deputies Alexandru Tanase and Vitalie Nagacevschi bring serious corruption accusations to the government led last year by Zainaida Grecenii. They point out a hotel belonging to the Moldovan patrimony was sold. Incumbent president Vladimir Voronin retaliated by shutting down their microphones. 
  • Vlad Filat urged Voronin to respect the deputies’ right, since this was not a party session, but a Parliament meeting.
  • Alexandru Oleinic, deputy for Moldova Noastra Alliance said Moldova was the country with the lowest economic indicators in South-East Europe, after 8 years of communist governance.
  • 11.32. AM The new government structure is settles, with 59 votes pro (against Lupu’s vote). Voronin thanked Zinaidei Greceanii for her loyalty.