UPDATE The Cattle Breeders protest in Bucharest today have reached their aim. The Government decided to support the farmers and give hem state guarantees t support production.

A system designed to test the imported milk quality will also be set up. Romanian PM declared the state will devise measures to protect local producers from unfair competition. Plus, the farmers will receive subventions that will allow them to pay what they owe the state. The measures will be approved in a memorandum to take place on Sunday.

Romania sees two strikes today: the railways and the cattle breeders. Romanian cattle breeders are protesting in Bucharest, asking the Ministry of Agriculture to protect the local producers in the context of the European law. Plus, the Romanian Railways staff are on their second strike this year, because of late salary payments.

Romanian Railways (CFR)

Eight trains are blocked because of an unprompted strike on Wednesday morning, according to Romanian press agency Mediafax. CFR staff from Bucharest and Constanta (South-East Romania) decided to protest because they haven't received their salaries yet. CFR representatives said they have sent the money on time, but Bank Post has run into some technical problems, which delayed the payment.

Leader of the Commercial movement Federation Gheorghe Popa said there was an administrative issue, and CFR staff will receive their money on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. He added that the staff have been informed on a technical difficulty the bank had. President of "Iron Roads" Federation Florin Drobescu said the protesters received half of their May advance money. According to him, CFR Goods staff did not get any money at all for May. Only CFR Passengers received their full salary.

One of the routes on strike this morning headed towards Budapest, others towards Timisoara (West) and Constanta. According to state secretary Constatin Axinia, the trains resumed their route around 11:30 the local time. CFR staff also protested at the end of April against prime Minsiter Boc and Transport Minister Radu Berceanu's decision to fire 3,500 CFR staff and against the low budget CFR was granted. Union leaders said then the ministry was hiring on political criteria and the ticked subventions were not delivered.

Cattle breeders protest in Bucharest

Approximately 4,000 cattle breeders started protesting in Bucharest at 10 AM (local time), bringing cattle and equipment, attempting to draw the authorities' attention on the problems of this specific agricultural sector. The farmers are worried that, given the European context, "the Romanian state cannot help farmers and the national agricultural production" SCTR (Romanian Cattle Breeders Union) chief said.

The farmers request variable subvention compensating for the different in the price of production and the price of selling fresh milk, and for testing the milk sold within communities. In case of bankruptcy, the farmers want the state to offer compensation on ceasing the activity.

Romanian minister for Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development Ilie Sarbu will meet to discuss with SCTR and Cattle Breeder Romanian Federation representatives. The protest is scheduled to end at 4 PM (local time) and it will take lace in Constitutiei Square, in front of the Parliament and in front of the Minister of Agriculture.