Four out of 10 Romanians said that their incomes have been negatively influenced by the current economic crisis in March. According to a monthly national GFK survey, 21% of Romania's population have been affected by the impact on bonuses, commissions and on other extra-salary incomes.

The people in Bucharest are the least affected by the crisis: 18% said that their incomes have been influenced. Entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers appear to have been the worst touched by the crisis, over 50% seeing their incomes shrinking. Two thirds said their incomes were declining.

9% of the 1,000 interviewed Romanians accused late payments and pointed to a salary decrease. The unemployment rate grew from 5% in March to 7% in April.

Over 60% of the respondents used the phrase "we can hardly cover ort current expenses with our incomes" to describe their family situation. 53% of the population was using the same phrase in March, 2008. In addition, 17% of the respondents said that they were able to make economies, 5% against March 2008.

The situation in Romania is comparable with the situation in the Czech Republic and Bosnia-Herzegovina. About 50% of the population in the nine countries surveyed in the region declared that they have been affected by the economic crisis. The country to suffer most is yet Hungary, where over 70% consider their family financial situation is worse. The least affected state seems to be Austria, with a 30% affected population.

The data belongs to GfK Omnibus, a monthly survey including persons over 15 years of age, from both rural and urban regions. The survey was conducted simultaneously in nine countries.