Italian daily Il Mattino published on Tuesday some video shots portraying the death of a Romanian Gypsy shot in a subway station in Napoli, on May 26 during a fight among Italian mobs. The Romanian, aged 33, immigrant in Italy was singing in Piazza Montesanto in Napoli when eight gangsters opened fire and shot two passers-by. One of them was Petru Barladeanu, Romanian TV Antena 3 reads.

The Romanian managed to hide in a subway passage. Wounded in the leg and chest, Petru asked the people for help. However, passers-by ignored him and preferred to run from the scene of the crime. Several minutes later, Petru died in the arms of his wife, who was screaming for help.

After half an hour a paramedic attempted to save him, but it was already too late. The corpse of the man was left on the streets for a while.