Dutch European Affairs minister demands European Commissioner on Justice to consider activating the safeguard measure against Romania and Bulgaria once the reports on justice will be published if the two countries do not register enough progress, an open letter quoted by Romanian news agency NewsIn informs.

The two page letter, dated May 30 and signed by the Dutch European Affairs minister, Frans Timmermans, proposes a meeting with European Commissioner on Justice, Jacques Barrot to examine the impact of the safeguard measures against Romania and Bulgaria.

The Dutch government decided to extend the technical support offered for the two countries on the judicial reform and wholeheartedly support the European Commission to maintain the monitoring system until all reference obligations will be met by the two countries, the letter reads.

Moreover, the letter reads that, until now, his government considered that support is better than sanctions but the consequences are tremendous and thus the situation must be treated seriously.

This summer's report, whose publication seems to be postponed until September is prepared in more depth and represents the third report since Romania joined the EU. Two EC delegations visited Romania already, and the last delegation is expected to arrive by the end of June in Bucharest.

The Dutch minister is part of the Labour Party, affiliated to the European Socialist Party. At the moment, the Dutch government is pressured by the radical right wing to adopt a decisive stand towards Romania and Bulgaria, especially after the Liberty Party, lead by Geert Wilders came second in the European Parliamentary elections this year. This party was the one to demand that both Romania and Bulgaria should be excluded from the EU.