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New racist incidents in Ireland: another Romanian family in Belfast was attacked

de A.C.
Joi, 18 iunie 2009, 11:00 English | Regional Europe

The house of another Romanian family in Belfast was attacked with stones last night after some Romanian gypsy families sought shelter in a local church, after a similar series of attacks earlier this week, BBC News informs.

Local police authorities declared that no one was hurt and qualified the attack as an action "committed out of hate". Romania's general consul is scheduled to meet on Thursday with the Irish Social Development state secretary, Margaret Ritchie to discuss about the racist attacks in Belfast which made 20 families leave their houses.

Over 100 gypsies were moved by authorities from the church to a social center. The police monitored the building all night. Margaret Ritchie declared that the families can stay in the social center for at least a week.

Most of the people declared that they wish to leave Ireland, of fear. Romanian Maria Fechete declared that she had enough, as she was not able to sleep for a week now.

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