Bucharest - Brasov motorway route could not accelerate pass the expropriations. Current Barcanesti (South Romania) mayor Gheorghe Dima stated, during the Money Channel Business Tour in Ploiesti, that there were 13 expropriation court trials for the route Bucharest - Ploiesti.

There are 577 expropriations in Barcanesti and there's more to come on another 4-5 km section, Gheorghe Dima says. The land used for agriculture was offered between 3-4 euros/sm and 9 euros/sm. Most of the lands measured around 500 square meters. Only one piece was bigger: 5-6000 square meters.

But the problems surfaced when it came to the land upon which people lived. The price offered was 19 euros/sm, a price that unsettled the owners, since last year the price was over 50 euros/sm. "And then a state company comes and offers only 19 euros!", the mayor says.

Seven trials regard the farm land, the other ten refer to the land where people built their homes, recently demolished by the authorities. The mayor from Barcanesti explains that the town hall was pulled down as well. Despite this, the local council still pays a 1,500 euros monthly rent for a small space. Their archive is housed by the local school.

The motorway belt for modernising West Ploiesti county (South Romania), paid 14 euros/sm. But the land pieces were small, with the largest measuring 20-30 sm.