Young Romanians took part in parties organised by the Italian PM, Silvio Brlusconi, at his villas, according to a 23 year old Italian woman from Bali (Pugalia, South Italy), La Repubblica reads, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax.

Young Barbara Montereale - "Miss Motors Italia 2009" - says she took part, alongside other company ladies, at the parties organised by Silvio Berlusconi at his Rome residence (Grazioli Palace). She would have received 10,000 from Berlusconi after she joined the Italian PM's parties in Rome and Sardinia in November, 2008.

Silvio Berlusconi Papi

The young lady said that all the girls invited to Berlusconi's parties were foreigners. "I don't remember names. Most of the girls were foreigners. Slavic, Romanians, something of this sort. I don't know the countries, but I recognised the accent. They seemed to feel at home, they trusted mister prime-minister and they all called him Papi. They were jealous on each other, there were rivalries. All of them wore Christmas costumes", Barbara Montereale says.

The court in Bari is currently hearing four women who were paid to take part in Silvio Berlusconi's parties in his Roma and Sardinia villas. One of them is Patrizia D'Addario, who was the first one to relate on the issue.

Bari public prosecutor Giuseppe Scelzi is investigating the case, hearing Patrizia and the other three women supporting they have been paid to attend Berlusconi's parties. Young Patrizia D’Addario was one candidate on the lists of Pugalia Region Before Anything, associated with the Freedom People Party during the latest Bari elections organised in June.

Italian PM said that the newspapers were reading lies and miserable information. "I will not be affected by these attacks and I will continue to work for the country's benefit", Berlusconi declared.