French Authorities declared that the black boxes of the AF 447 flight were not localized, contrary to the information put forward by French daily Le Monde, that read that a French Marine submarine detected a weak signal that might come from the A330 Air France plane that crashed on June 1 in the Atlantic, AFP informs.

The black boxes of the A330 Air France plane were not localized, an Analysis and Investigations Bureau (BEA) spokesperson declared. At the moment, he added, search teams verify all registered sounds.

BEA is currently on charge with the technical investigation of the AF 447 flight in an attempt to shed some light on the causes of the accident. BEA's spokesperson declared that as soon as they have some reliable information, it will be made public.

French daily Le Monde read on Tuesday that some weak signals have been captured, which might come from the black boxes of the crashed plane. However, BEA declared that it is not the first time when sounds were registered and that the search continues. He added that if authorities will manage to detect the signals, it means that they will localize the black boxes as well.

228 people were on board the AF 447 flight, connecting Rio de Janeiro to Paris. Causes of the accident are still unknown.