In an attempt to resolve their problems with gypsy immigrants, French authorities seemed to have found a solution: to send them back to their country of origin. French publication La Depeche reads about Saint Beat citizens, in the Toulouse region, who seek a solution to tackle the problems raised by a gypsy camp that blocked a building.

On Friday, local judges ruled their evacuation and on Monday, two flights left France, for Romania with the first expelled gypsies. The third plane will land in Timisoara, West Romania even if most gypsies come from Central Romania, Alba Iulia and Blaj, French journalists read. 18 of them will not receive humanitarian aid, because they have already received money to return to Romania and others were in France for less than three months.

Local Saint Beat officials declared that they will even offer gypsies food for the road. He declared that they will avoid compelling them to leave, because this will only postpone evacuation. A 2006 French ordinance rules that each adult is to receive 300 euro and children 100 euro and authorities will incur all transports and lodging expenses before departure.