The European Commission will announce on Thursday the opening of 8 infringement procedures against Romania in 8 cases, addressing taxation, environment and energy Radio Romania Actualitati informs, citing EU sources.

Romania failed to implement two 2003 directives, namely - Directive 54/2003 regarding electricity and Directive 55/2003 regarding gas, addressing regulated prices for gas and electricity. As far as energy is concerned, two Commission regulations were broken - 11775"2005 ands 1228/2003 - Romania is accused of lack of transparency in communicating information regarding transport and depositing gas and energy long-term capacities.

Regarding taxation, there are three formal notification letters ready to be dispatched to the Romanian authorities, addressing the environment tax - it seems that cars coming in from the EU are discriminated - dividends VAT and discrimination when taxing residents and non-residents.

RRA correspondent in Brussels says Romania also expects an environmental infringement procedure. The national legislation regarding old cars does not respect the Commission's directive.

The commission will announce opening the three infringement procedures on Thursday. Romania has two months for correcting the problem and reporting back to the EC. If the results are not satisfactory, EC will send a motivated warning, with the requirements to be fulfilled within tow months. The EC can send the case to Court, should the state not respect the requirements, but there is little chances for it to happen since there is an active dialogue between Bucharest and Brussels.