Romania remains one of EU's poorest countries, with a 46 units per head GDP quota for 2008, according to Eurostat. Our country is tailed only by Bulgaria, with a 40 units per resident GDP.

Luxembourg is the richest country in the EU, with a 253 units per resident GDP. Eurostat indicates that this result is due to a significant number of international workers, who contribute to the GDP, but are not considered residents.

Ireland and the Netherlands rank second and third, with 140 units and 135 units, respectively.

France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus and a GDP per resident close to the EU medium level, and Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Finland, Germany and Belgium recorded 10% to 30% GDP per resident over the EU medium level.

Slovenia, Czech Republic, Malta, Portugal and Slovakia recorded a 10-30% GDP per resident below the Union's medium level, while Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Latvia saw a 30-50% GDP per head lower than the medium level. The poorest countries in the EU are Romania and Poland, where the GDP per inhabitant is 50-60% lower than the medium level.