A Romanian and a Moldovan have been chosen the most beautiful of the 50 international competitors who ran on Saturday night for Miss Italia nel Mondo 2009. The crown ended up with the 19-year old Moldovan, eventually.

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"My success is dedicated to the Romanians and Bulgarians!". These were Diana Curmei's first words after she had won the Miss Italia nel Mundo 2009. The contests held in Jesolo, near Venice, did not lack tensions and surprises. At one moment, there were only two Romanians on the podium: the dark-haired Diana Curmei, who represented the Republic of Moldova and the blonde Simona Lungu, Miss Italia nel Mondo - Romania.

The Moldovan was awarded the title, which she received from Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, who presided over the jury. Romanian Simona Lungu took the second podium. This was a new record in the history of the contest, now seeing its 19th edition: no Romanian competitor has ever made it on the Italian podium ever, and now we have two.

Next step: the baccalaureate

Diana has yet to come to terms with the fact that she has won the contest. She will have to stand the baccalaureate on returning to her country. "Diana considers that education is more important than a beauty contest. Despite she's only 19, Diana has an intense social activity in Chisinau, where she is part of an NGO supporting the democratic values in the Republic of Moldova", her manager Lavinia Nastase declared for HotNews.ro. Lavinia Nastase is also one of Miss Italia nel Mondo 2009 organisers. "For us, besides Diana and Simona, Romania and Romania's image in Italy were also winners", she added.

Diana, accused for collaborating with an anti-communist organisation

Diana Curmei is 19 and lives in Chisinau, Moldova's capital. Her father is Romanian and her mother has Sicilian roots. She was chosen to represent the Republic of Moldova after a contest in Timisoara (West Romania) in April. Her qualification was not an easy road: she was stopped by the Moldovan authorities at the border with Romania and accused for collaborating with an anti-communist NGO. After her parents' intervention, she managed to get to Timisoara first and, eventually, in Jesolo.