HIV/AIDS European Academy in Bucharest is a project aiming to train medical and social staff from Romania and other European states to handle issues raised by this illness. The project was launched on Saturday, June 27, in Bucharest.

"Romania progressed from fear and ignorance to having the capacity to control such a complex phenomenon as HIV/AIDS. We have very well trained staff. This academy will help us continue a successful training and also to offer the same help we received 20 years ago", Romanian minister of Health Ion Bazac at the opening this weekend.

The Academy is part of the "Matei Bals" National Institute for Infectious Diseases. It offers local or long-distance courses, with a direct access to patients, facilities, experts and top procedures. Academy's organisational Committee President Prof. Dr. Adrian Streinu-Cercel says Romania still needs personnel trained to handle HIV/AIDS and the Academy will see to it.

At an international level, the Academy in Bucharest will back a network of experts coming from 15 European countries, working to create good practice standards and who will support programs for tackling HIV/AIDS at a European level. 200 Romanian and foreign experts, coming from 15 countries, were present on Saturday for the Academy's inauguration.