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Romania evacuated its last stocks of uranium from the territory

de A.C.
Marţi, 30 iunie 2009, 10:21 English | Regional Europe

Romania's last stocks of uranium were evacuated on Monday night, US National Security Administration informs. The announcement was made on Tuesday morning in a press conference in Bucharest by deputy director of the American institution, Andrew Bieniawski. The material was repatriated in Russia.

Romanian authorities sent two transports, one of 23.7 kg of uranium from a reactor in Magurele Central Romania and another transport of 30 kg from Pitesti, South Romania. The evacuated quantity would have been enough to set up two nuclear arms.

Romania is the first country to evacuate its uranium stocks after US President Barack Obama expressed his commitment to secure, in four years time, the risky nuclear material across the world. The evacuation procedure was organized a week before Obama is due to meet his Russian counterpart, Medvedev in a summit. The event was seen as an opportunity for Romania to express its commitment to reduce nuclear arms.

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