Romanian Central Bank's (BNR) foreign currency deposits amounted to 26.46 billion euros end of June, a 386 billion drop since end of May, according to BNR's data. The drop in foreign currency is the result of a 1.549 billion euros influx and a 1.935 billion euros outflow.

The inflow stands for the modification of minimum reserved for foreign currency by the credit institutions, adjusting Ministry of Public Finance’s account, incomes from administrating international reserves and from operations on banking markets.

At the same time, the outflow represents the change in minimum foreign currency reserves by the crediting institutions, the impact fin bonds prices evolution on the international markets, the impact of the exchange rate for the foreign currency composing Romania's international resources, rates and interests for direct external public debt and guaranteed by the state, and from operations on banking markets.

The gold deposit remained 103.7 tones. Judging by the international prices fluctuations, its value amounted o 2.22 billion euros.

Romania's international deposits, foreign currency plus gold, amounted to 28.69 million euros by the end of June, against 29.16, the value at the end of May.

132.79 million euros is the figure for external public debt, direct or guaranteed by the state.