An inter-governmental agreement for constructing gas pipe Nabucco will be signed on June 13 in Ankara, Romanian minister of Energy Adriean Videanu said on Friday, quoted by Reuters.

Videanu added that Turkey's "15 percent issue" was solved. Turkey will own 15% of the 31 billion cubic metre capacity throughput for its domestic usage or export. "As far as I know, this issue has been solved, but I don't have more details", Romanian minister said.

The information comes one day after Turkey announced to examine Russia's proposal of taking part in the South Stream project, a pipe competing with Nabucco.

Nabbuco, the European project, is supposed to provide Europe with gas from Central Asia and the Caspian Sea, avoiding Russia, Romanian press agency NewsIn informs. The gas pipe should start off from Central Asia and get to Austria, passing through Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

Nabucco’s aiming to reduce Europe's energetic dependency on Russia. On the other hand, the South Stream gas pipe project should link Russia to Europe using the Black Sea.