The network supervising the spreading of infectious diseases managed to track two new cases of swine flu. Both patients are men. One is a 54-year old from Brasov (Central Romania), recently returned from England. The other man is 28 and has recently returned to Bucharest from the US.

One of the patients is hospitalised at the Hospital for Infectious Diseases from Brasov, the other is currently receiving his treatment at "Matei Bals" Institute from Bucharest. They are both stable.

The health authorities have started an investigation to test the persons who made contact with the two Romanians. There are currently 46 A.H1N1 infection cases in Romania.

According o the World Health Organisation's latest report, the swine flu infected a total of 94,512 people worldwide, causing 429 deaths, AFP informs. 4,591 new infection cases have been recorded over the weekend and 47 deaths.

The disease spread mostly in the South hemisphere, where it's winter. The most affected countries are Argentine (898 additional cases and 34 additional deaths), Australia (730 additional cases and one more death), and Thailand (662 additional cases and four more deaths).

UN general secretary Ban Ki-moon declared that developing countries need at least one billion dollars by the end of this year to tackle the swine flu epidemic.