The new Rompetrol group general executive manager is Saduokas Meraliev. He replaces businessman Dinu Patriciu, who sold KazMunayGaz his remaining Rompetrol shares, according to Romanian press agency NewsIn.

Meraliev has been working for Rompetrol since last year. He brings over 30 years of experience from international companies, like Chevron.

"Dinu Patriciu will remain part of the managerial council. Our aim is to run the company through the Administration Council", KazMunayGaz president Kairgeldy Kabyldin said on Tuesday in a press conference in Constanta (South-East Romania). He made it clear that the company did not intend to cut the production staff, but said that it will focus on the company's leadership and on the decrease of spending. The company's president wants to spend less on the activities that are not the company's main object.

The future Rompetrol stations will be called Litro

KazMunaiGaz will name the future Rompetrol stations Litro, according to Saduokas Meraliev. "This was a managerial decision, based on our consultant's survey. The old gas stations will keep their brand, but even the old ones that are now being modernised will be named Litro", Saduokas Meraliev said.

Rompetrol Downstream operates over 900 gas stations in 13 countries, out of which over half are in Romania. The Rompetrol Group (TRG) was part of Rompetrol Holding until August 2007, when Patriciu sold 75% of Rompetrol Group shares to Kazakhstan national company, KazMunayGaz. On June 26 2009, Dinu Patriciu announced he sold the company the rest of his 25% shares: Rompetrol is now fully owned by KazMunayGaz.