Two children, younger that two years of age, have been abandoned by a Romanian woman in a square from Paris. The woman was caught after a week, in a hotel, while nobody was interested by the fate of the children, according to TF 1.

On July 3, a woman was walking two children in a square in Paris, on Deux Nethes Street. The woman was 30ish. Around 10:30 AM, she approached a Romanian couple and asked them to take care of her children so she could buy a pack of cigarettes. She never returned.

Around 1 PM, the couple reported to the Police. Chief of the Police Brigade for minors', Commissar Thierry Boulouque said that nobody showed any interest in one week since the minors were brought to the Police. Interpol sent both national and international notices, but the children have so far not been claimed. He said the children are very clean and don't seem to have been harmed.

The children seem to be between 18 and 24 months of age. The boy is blond and has blue eyes, and the girl id dark haired and has olive skin. The woman who abandoned them was described as well-built, dark-haired, around 1.70 m high, her hair in a pony tail. She was arrested on Friday morning, in a hotel from Saint-Ouen, after somebody recognised her, Europe1 informs.

The woman came to Paris ten days ago. She lives in Spain and, apparently, she has more children in Romania. The last abandon case recorded in Paris happened in 2007, when a Moroccan woman abandoned her three-year old son in a fast-food.