Belfast racist groups threaten the immigrants to leave the country in the shortest time possible, or else they will be bombed, Sky News inform. Ulster Defence Association sent the following message towards Belfast Islamic Centre, the Polish Association and Indian Community Centre: "No sympathy for foreigners, get out of our Queen's country before our bonfire night (July 11) and parade day (July 12). Other than that your building will be blown up. Keep Northern Ireland white. Northern Ireland is only for white British."

The message was signed Ulster Young Militants and was marked with Combat 18's logo. The far-right group made over 100 Romanian gypsy ethnics (travellers) the object of their racism and violence, forcing them to flee their homes in Belfast. Most of them have been repatriated.

Belfast Police said the violence was not the actions of an organised crime group. Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities contradicts this view, though: "I think there is no doubt it was organised against those families," spokesman Patrick Yu said told SkyNews.

The racist acts increased during the last year, through attacks, intimidation, harassment and thefts, Patrick Yu added. In March, supporters of a local team engaged in a fight with the supporters of a Polish team.