Two Romanian road transport associations will complain to the European Commission regarding the fines' quantum that the neighbouring country makes Romanian transport companies pay, Hungarian press agency MTI informs. Romanians accuse being subject to an inhumane treatment and discriminatory controls.

APTE 2002 and Fort associations say that the fines Romanian transport companies receive in Hungary are way too big for the rules they break. They claim that the only solution is to alert the European Commission on the subject APTE 2002 secretary Siegfried Mayer declared in Nagylak, a Hungarian town.

APTE 2002 representative said that the cooperation with the Hungarian authorities was excellent, but the relevant rules adopted by the government in Budapest in 2007 should be applied less exigently, in order to be in conformity with the EU standards.

This is not the first time the two associations complain about the treatment Romanian goods transporters are subject to in the Hungarian territory. The associations said that the transporters were "inhumanely" treated and that there are "annual warnings during the months of July-August regarding transporters transiting the Hungarian territory. These warnings have a discriminatory character against Romanian transporters because they mention the Romanian border as check-point."