Romania, together with more than 10 other states in the region, is discussing with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), regarding forward slips and bigger loans, according to the German daily Handelsblatt, quoted by Reuters.

Germen reporters quoted close IMF sources indicating that at least ten East European countries were presently discussing with the IMF. Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Belarus and Latvia hope for a loan increase or forward slips, while Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia asked for IMF's help. The sources mentioned said the IMF backs the new agreements, given the situation in the region.

Romanian PM Emil Boc was quoted by Romanian press agency Mediafax to say that the Romanian Government was not looking to increase the contracted loan. But he will try to convince the international finance institutions that the investment sector needs additional financial resources.

"At the end of the month, on the 28th, we will discuss with the IMF and, besides the issues making the analysis agenda for the first semester, we will categorically have other proposals as well, in regards to the economic evolution and the increase in the volume of investments in infrastructure to stop the economic decline", minister of Public Finance Gheorghe Pogea added. He underlined the fact that the government's extraordinary session of Friday did not discuss a request in the funds' increase.

Croatioa and Bulgaria denied the information in Handelsblatt on Friday, according to Romanian press agency NewsIn quoting Reuters. "There are no discussions with the IMF" Bulgarian Finance minister spokeswoman. Biser Boev, considered to be the next Economy minister, said that the GERB party cannot start the IMF discussions without acceding to power first.

The Croatian Government spokeswoman said that she was not aware of any negotiations with the international institution.