Romania's delegation won ten medals (one gold, five silver and four bronze) at this year's European Blitz Chess Championship in Serbia. Romanian world champion Cristian Chirila received the gold at the 18 years old category, the Romanian Chess Federation informs.

Georgiana Morea (girls, 14 years), Radu Toma (boys, 12 years), Diana Cusmuliuc (girls, 12 years), Mihnea Costachi (boys, 10 years) and Gherman Sauca (boys, 8 years) won silver medals while their colleagues, Mihaela Veronica Foisor (girls, 16 years), Petruta Moldovan (girls, 12 years), Radu Baciu (boys, 8 years) and Andreea Panainte (girls, 18 years) got bronze.