Authorities in the Republic of Moldova accused again on Thursday the "intensified meddling in the country's domestic affairs by neighboring state Romania" and said they were ready to sign a border treaty "tomorrow", according to a Moldovan Foreign Affairs Ministry press release.

It said the country has regrettably found that Romanian authorities have no longer been considering it proper to hide their plans and "felt free to speak openly about real intentions" regarding Moldova. The document said it was impossible to ignore Romanian top leadership statements related to an open support of political forces in the Republic of Moldova.

Speaking about statements made by Romanian president Traian Basescu, the Moldovan ministry said it was a "one and only" case in the European area when a leader of a country speaks openly of plans to support a political force "in order to take over power in another state".

The Moldovan Government thus calls the EU to evaluate the statements objectively.

Moldovan authorities also accuse Romania of using "excessively bureaucratic procedures" on EU visas to determine Moldovan citizens to obtain Romanian passports".

The Ministry also said Moldova was ready to sign the border treaty with Romania "as early as tomorrow". And it urges the Eu to establish a mediation commission on Moldova-Romania issues", which would hasten the signing of the treaty.