The six Romanian International Maths Olympics competitors managed to win six medals this year: two gold, two silver and two bronze, pushing Romania four levels up in the world top, right on the 13th position.

The Romanian winners:


  • Elena Madalina Persu - 12th grade, International Informatics High School - ICHB, Bucharest
  • Omer Cerrahoglu - 9th grade, "V. Lucaciu" National College, Baia Mare


  • Andrei Deneanu - 12th grade, ICHB, Bucharest
  • Francisc Bozgan - 12th grade, ICHB, Bucharest


  • Tudor Padurariu - 10th grade, "Grigore Moisil" National College, Onesti
  • Marius Tiba - 10th grade, ICHB, Bucharest

The country ranking no. 1 has not yet been announced. Japan ranked 2nd and Russia ranked 3rd. The host country, Germany, ranked 9.

You can find more details on the contest here.