Romania's public debt increased by 10% in the first five months of the current year, amounting to 120.71 billion lei, according to the Public Finance Ministry (MFP) data. This equals 22.72% of the Growth Domestic Product (GDP), estimated to 351.3 billion lei for 2009.

End of 2008 saw Romania's public debt reaching 109.75 billion lei, meaning 21.78% of the GDP. During the first five months the government borrowed 32.94 billion lei in titles emissions on the national and international market.

63.41% of the public debt has been contracted on short-term, while 31.72% is on medium term and 4.87% on long term.

The quote for non-negotiable debt dropped at the end of last year, from 74.30% to 61.65% in May. The negotiable debt reads 38.35%. MFP data shows that, at the end of May, 63.21% of the public was in lei and 25.74% - in euros. Other currencies represented 11.05% from Romania's public debt.

The governmental public debt represented 92.88% fro the total public debt, 1.3% up against the end of 2008. The rest of the debt belongs to the local public administration authorities.