"A country and a nation has been offended by the Romanian fans during the match in Ghencea", Ujpest soccer team website says about the banner that agitated the Hungarians. "Not even the absolute Dinamo rivals were treated like this," opinionated Steaua's competition for Europe League. The match to take place in Hungary will be extremely tensioned.

"A country and a nation have been offended by the Romanian fans during the match in Ghencea. About the inexcusable banner, Ujpest officials say things will not be easily forgive and forgotten. Romanians' banner could be easily considered racist. Not even the absolute Dinamo rivals were offended like this," Ujpest soccer team website reads.

"For how long does a Hungarian woman keep the s..t inside? 9 months," reads the message that Romanian football team Steaua supporters presented the Hungarian fans in Bucharest.

The Hungarian organisers of the second match between the two teams are afraid the Romanians could display the same message in Hungary, which could bring the tensions among the supporters up to the boiling point.

Steaua has 700 tickets for Romanian supporters for the match in Hungary, but the number of Romanians going to the match might reach around 1,000. The Hungarian order forces are prepared for the worst for the game to take place on the Szusza Ferenc stadium, given the fact that Romanian supporters will get to Budapest with personal cars and buses.

The second Ujpest-Steaua match matters for the second Europe League preliminary round. It is scheduled for Thursday evening in the Hungarian Capital. In Bucharest, the team trained by Cristiano Bergodi won, score 2-0.