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Moldovan anti-communists: it is more advantageous to be a cow in the EU than youngster in Moldova

de A.C.
Miercuri, 22 iulie 2009, 16:37 English | Regional Europe

Moldovan anti-communist youngsters sustain that it is better to be a cow in the EU than a youngster in the Republic of Moldova  because the Moldovan state allocates 3 to 4 lei to a youngster while the EU allocates 2 euro, the equivalent of 30 lei for a cow, daily Timpul reads, quoting a Liberal Democratic Party member.

80% of the youngsters in Moldova are vulnerable to social changes, Moldovan politician George Mocanu declared. He added that most of them do not have a house of their own, have no job and are planning to leave the crountry. His main conclusion is that the Communist party is to blame for everything.

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