Belgium, Taiwan and France recorded on Thursday their first swine flu dead. At the same time, Azerbaijan and the Republic of Moldova recorded their first AH1N1 infection cases, AFP informs.

The French health authorities announced that a young woman infected with the AH1N1 virus had died. She had already been suffering from "a serious illness, complicated by a severe pulmonary infection. The institute for health surveillance underlined that the final conclusions of the evaluation could not confirm the woman died because of swine flu.

Another young woman died on the same day in Belgium, after having been contaminated with the virus. She was the first life swine flu claimed from Belgium, according to the national authorities. The 30-year old woman lived in Anvers (North) and was hospitalised after accusing "mild flu symptoms", like head aches, mild fever and cough.

At the moment of hospitalisation, her physical state was not worrying, doctors said. Still, she died on Thursday morning, with a double pneumonia of viral origin.

A 39-year old man from Taiwan with health problems died in Taiwan. Doctors confirmed he had been infected with AH1N1. The patient was hospitalised on July the 14, presenting a sore throat and fever. The victim was also suffering of liver cancer and hepatitis. The complications took his life.

Also on Thursday, the first swine flu cases have been recorded in Azerbaijan and the Republic of Moldova.