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Moldavian Press: Good bye, Voronin! End of era in Chisinau * Revolution postponed, the communists lost Moldova

de Alina Neagu, transl/adapt. C.B.
Vineri, 31 iulie 2009, 15:32 English | Regional Europe

"Good bye, Voronin!", "End of era in Chisinau", "PCRM - the great defeated", "The revolution is postponed. The communists lost Moldova!" and "Voronin's glory era is drawing to its end" are the titles taking op the first page of the press in Moldova on Friday.

"Good bye, Voronin!" Jurnalul de Chisinau reads, after announcing the elections' results. Referring to the liberal parties, the publication read: "In spite of the fact that the four parties claim they are still debating, one thing is certain - none of them will enter a coalition with the Communist Party".

It was also Jurnalul de Chisinau who quoted Igor Munteanu, IDIS Viitorul executive manager saying: "PCRM doe not only suffer from a moral defeat, but also from an organisational one. We could see the disintegration of this party and we expect more independent deputies who would have left PCRM parliamentary group." Talking about Vladimir Voronin, Igor Munteanu said "I believe that he is going through a personal drama. And this personal drama can be understood by looking at Ceausescu [note: ex-Romanian dictator killed in 1989]. Ceausescu suddenly learnt that the people do not love him. He Voronin, learnt in April that there are so many people in this country that hate communism... something he did not know about".

Jurnal de Chisinau also notes that PCRM is "The great defeated" in elections, scoring 5.7% less than the Opposition.

"The communists lost, the opposition did not win yet" one title in Basarabia la Zi reads. The publication comments on the elections: "The communists lost the elections, even if the opposition did not win. They lost despite the fact that the number of mandates they will have in the future Parliament makes another general election round almost inevitable".

"The communists lost because they took Moldavians for loosers, shamelessly lying to them (...). They thought they were superior in the art of manipulation, disregarding that the people could not be endlessly subject to lies and that it could backfire (..). How sick must Voronin be for being deprived of the occasion of being congratulated in the early morning by Putin and Medvedev for winning the elections?!", Basarabia la Zi notes.

Unimedia publishes an article from the Russian daily Nezavisimaia Gazeta, reading: "The revolution is postponed. The communists lost Moldova!" and "Voronin's glory era is drawing to its end". The comments note: "The Communist Party, which has been supported until this very moment by Kremlin, ceases to be the government party. Moscow is to quickly reorient itself, in order to keep track with the events in Chisinau and decide which political forces can it rely upon, with the communists expected to not raise more than 20 deputy mandates in future elections."

"Voronin, leave!" Timpul reads, commenting that "PLDM, PL, AMN and PDM may take out the communists from governance".

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