Research, Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering (ICMET) representatives announces that everybody can find out now the long-term effects of using mobiles and how harmful these phones really are. The first Romanian lab for measuring radiations emitted by mobiles opened in Craiova (South Romania).

This is also where the EU member states will request additional tests, should any EU company consider a mobile phone is not built according to the EU standards. But anyone could test their mobile phone in Craiova, against a fee. According to the law, mobiles should absorb 2 watts per kilogram and all mobile dealers must display this detail.

"The lab belongs to a state organisation, therefore it is not doing business with any mobile dealer", the coordinator for the August 5 workshop, Andrei Marinescu, told The workshop in Craiova will introduce the laboratory, which was set up as part of the SAREMF project during 2007 - 2009, financed by the National Authority for Scientific Research.

But the lab has an additional use: it has also got a system for detecting "grey imports that did not pass through checks, bringing mobile phones illegally in the country", Marinescu added.