Several months after his son passed away, Petre Cozma talks about the help he received from both Romanians and Hungarians, but also about the investigation that makes very slow progress in the absence of proofs. "My son was 100% executed" the father of young Romanian handball player Marian Cozma opinionated. The friendly Hungary - Romania match on Wednesday will be held in the memory of the ex-athlete.

"I will be there for the Hungary-Romania match. I will take part in a game played in the memory of my son. They've always done something nice in his memory. They treated him well when he was alive, as well. I have nothing to reproach the Romanians, because they always support me, but the Hungarians move differently. Marian is still loved both by the Hungarians and Romanians, therefore I'm not afraid the supporters will show a different reaction", Petre Cozma said.

He talked about the ongoing Hungarian investigation, saying that things were moving rather slow, due to lack of proofs. "My son was 100% executed. I'm not interested in these unfortunate who killed my son, I'm interested in the ones who ordered his death. The most painful is the fact hat I know more, but I cannot speak", concluded Petre Cozma (sport total fm).

The friendly match between Hungary and Romania's handball teams, held in the memory of Marian Cozma, a Romanian handball player who was killed in Hungary in Veszprem, will take part on Wednesday, starting 9 PM (the local time).