Romania is open to other energetic projects than Nabucco, Romanian Economy minister declared on Tuesday for RFI. According to Adriean Videanu, Romania does not exclude taking part in the Russian-Italian competitor project South Stream, but so far it has not been officially invited to join it.

Here are the made statements made by the Romanian Economy minister Adriean Videanu:

  • Priority zero for Romania at the moment is the Nabucco project and here is why. Nabucco is the project that solves two of Romania's big problems regarding energetic security, namely assuring both the routes and the supply of the resources.
  • Parallel to Nabucco, Romania is not rejecting the idea of any other project meant to consolidate Romania's energetic security. With regards to South Stream, Romania has not been officially invited yet to take part in this project. It's like me inviting myself into another person's house and seating myself at their table.
  • Romania is available to give Russia all the relevant data it needs to complete the research, respecting all the international agreements Romania has signed.
  • The Nabucco project, involving Romania as well, is supported by the European Union as an alternative to resorting to Russian gas sources. Simultaneously, Moscow aims to develop, in partnership with Italy, the South Stream project, which is seen as Nabucco's competition.