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Congo citizen Gaston Bienvenu Mboumba Bakabana became vice-president of the Social-Democratic Youth in Cluj-Napoca

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Marţi, 18 august 2009, 18:21 English | Regional Europe

Mboumba Bakabana
Foto: Agerpres
An African man, of Congolese origins, was elected vice-president of the Social-Democratic Youth (TDS) in Cluj-Napoca (Central West Romania, Transilvania), Romanian press agency Mediafax informs. Gaston Bienvenu Mboumba Bakabana, who joined the party only two months ago, is one of the five TSD Cluj-Napoca vice-presidents.

"My being elected as TDS Cluj-Napoca vice-president is a big step in my political career. I'd like to take the opportunity and handle social and cultural issues, projects aiming to help the elderly and the impaired youth", Bakabana declared. He said he has been a PSD fan ever since university.

He declared on Monday evening hat he intended to organise sport contests meant to develop the "physical and intellectual potential of the young people", but also chess and other contests for the elderly.

"Together we can face tha challenges of this economic crisis through the left-wing answers we offer", Bakabana added.

He joined PSD in June with other 300 young persons from 12 Transilvanian counties. Bakabana, aged 33, born in Congo, has been living in Romania since 1995. He graduated the Polytechnic Institute from Bucharest, the Microelectronics and Telecommunications College, earning a diploma in engineering. He's currently living in Floresti, Cluj county and he's running a building company.  

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