Romania's public debt increased by 12.6% in the first semester, recording 123.61 billion lei, according to the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP). This represents 23.27% of the GDP, estimated this year at 531.25 billion lei.

The public debt at the end of 2008 was 109.75 billion lei, namely 21.78% of the GDP.

The non-negotiable debt dropped from 74.30% by the end of last year, to 59.70% in June, while the negotiable debt is 40.30%.

According to MFP data, the public debt at the end of June was 64.10% in lei and 25.30% in euros. Other exchange currencies amounted to 10.60%.

The governmental public debt represents 92.88% of the total public debt. It increased 1.3% against its figures at the end of last year. The rest is represented by debt accumulated at a local administration level.

The governmental loans from the first year semester amounted to 41.19 billion lei. They have been contracted through state titles emission on the national and international markets (40.64 billion lei), cash management instruments (350 million lei) and state loans (200.7 million lei).