Libian Abdelbasset Ali Al Megrahi, sentenced to life for his involvement in the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 and freed by Scottish authorities on Thursday, should have remained in jail, the mother of a Romanian-American killed in the attack said, according to the electronic page of channel. The statement was made the same day the Libian was freed on humanitarian grounds and was welcomed as a hero in Libya.

Gheorghina Vulcu, the mother of the victim, said she often visited the grave of her son Pete. Pete Vulcu was 21 when she was returning home for winter holidays in 1988 when the Pan Am Boeing 747 plane exploded over Scotland. All 259 people on board died and 11 others were killed on land.

The mother said freeing the convict - suffering of prostate cancer - was a mistake and that his family could have visited him in jail.

The White House announced it regretted the Scottish decision to free the Libyan.