It hasn't been long since he left teenage-hood behind, he lives with two identities and, in a year without electoral campaign, he would have been the main subject of Romania's mass-media. For the moment, he's just an anonymous hero who lives his normal life in a small Serbian village. What did he do? He grabbed, empty-handedly, the burning Romanian flag which had been set on fire by Serbian extremists.

The scene took place in the night between August 21st and 22nd, in Seleus, a Serbian village in Voivodina. At 3 o'clock in the morning, several Serbian extremists climbed behind the stage set up in the centre village and set the Romanian flag on fire.

While the few horrified people close to the stage were watching the absurd manifestation of intolerance, a young man appeared, 23 years of age, and, with his bare hands, he wrested the flag from the fire.

"His hands are burnt. He's a simple boy, from our community", representatives of the Romanian community in Serbia told Not a word more. For the moment.

N.B.: Voivodina is an autonomous region in North Serbia, where over 26 ethnic minorities live together.