A dramatic match took place in Liberec (the Czech Republic), where Romanian team Dinamo won its dignity and scored more than goals: the team gave the football club an image they have never had since the Revolution in 1989. Dinamo scored three goals on foreign grass, pushing the games into the penalties, where the Romanians won after the goalkeeper Florin Matache defended the decisive strike.

Andrei Cristea marked Dinamo's forst recovery sign, then Marus Niculae mirrored him and Dinamo's fans started to dream. Dinamo culd have won in the first 90 minutes, but Zicu, Bostina, Torje and Adrian Cristea missed the fourth goal. Physically drained, Bonetti's players fought heroic in the minutes to come and the goalkeeper worked wonders in front of the unleashed Czechs. Used towards the end of the game, Papousek was blowing cold wind in the necks of the Romanian players, managing to threaten Matache's gate several times.

The Czech fans wore sad faces after 120 minutes. Niculae stroke and scored first, but the Czechs scored back. It went in a limbo until 8-8, when junior Molinera stroke a lucky goal, and Liska saw the faith of his strike kept in the arms of the same Matache. Dario Bonetti's students win gloriously!

Several hundreds Dinamo supporters ended up on the stadium after the match, where they were peacefully celebrating. This is a premiere in Dinamo's recent history, after Steaua and Rapid managed to take happy fans in the streets.