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BBC News: Romanian gypsies compel children to steal and beg for huge profits

de A.C.
Miercuri, 2 septembrie 2009, 11:01 English | Regional Europe

Across Europe, thousands of Rroma children (gypsies, as explained by BBC) are obliged to steal and beg, as police forces are unable to put an end to this phenomenon. BBC News analyzes this phenomenon and notes that the roots of criminality are in Romania and converge because of the discrimination present in the country.

BBC reads that gypsy children follow those people withdrawing money from the ATM and steal their money straight from the machine, before the person has time to react. Daniela, aged 13 revealed that she can get up to 300 euro from such a robbery, without risking any punishment.

She explains that even if police forces arrest them, they take away the money and then leaves them in a specialized center for minors - and they are free to leave. Madrid police forces declared that 95% of the children are below 14 years old and those caught on the streets, stealing come from Romania.

In Italy, things are even worse, the article reads. The government issued an emergency state after various robberies, rapes and other crimes attributed to the Rroma community. In 2007, in Milan, right after Romania entered in the EU, the police had to deal with a tremendous increase in petty thefts.

Franceso Messina, Italian officer declared that in a month, each child can earn up to 12,000 euro. The roots of the problems, BBC reads, are in Romania where the Rroma minority is discriminated and they have been facing, for generations now, a hostile environment.

BBC reminds its readers about the recent reaction of the Romanians at Madonna's show, when she talked about anti-discriminating the gypsies. Poverty among this community is generalized, a 2007 UNICEF report reads, showing that 70% of the gypsy houses do not have running water.

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