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Problems faced by Romanians in Italy: newly born children do not have IDs, corpses cannot be repatriated and consular services are unsatisfactory

de A.C.
Vineri, 18 septembrie 2009, 18:47 English | Regional Europe

Romanians living in Italy face some serious administrative problems due to a lack of better organization from Romanian authorities in some part. PM Emil Boc's visit to Italy was the most recent occasion in which Romanians in Italy were able to voice their problems and concerns, hoping that Romanian authorities will take a stand. All problems signaled will be analyzed, PM Emil Boc declared.

Some of the problems signaled were the consular services offered by Romania's Embassy and the fact that many citizens were not able to obtain their European health care card. Others urged the PM that Romanian authorities should lobby their Italian counterparts and supplement the number of available IDs to newly born babies. Italian authorities only offer a maximum of 10,000 IDs when birth certificates are issued, which is not enough.

Another serious problem is that Romanians who die in Italy cannot be repatriated due to financial costs which are very high. Others requested that the government should maintain the Romanian culture and civilization programs undertaken by the past administration and PM Emil Boc declared that he plans to continue these programs.

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