A courageous government such as the Boc government should have been maintained, European Popular Party President Joseph Daul declared. Referring to the Romanian political climate, Daul said that the executive lead by Emil Boc proved its courage and has positive reviews, at a difficult time for Romania.

Boc's government launched the state's reform, maintained Romania's economic stability and balanced the state's salary system and budgetary pensions, Daul said. He added that the pensions law was received with hostility by those priviledged, directly affected by it.

EPP President declared that he is convinced that such a courageous government should have been maintained because it is the only way reforms can move forward to modernize Romania and protect the population.

Daul expressed his regret that the government was dismised. The EPP group is the biggest political group in the European Parliament with 265 members.

On Tuesday, a motion of censure submitted by the Liberals and Hungarian Democrats passed in the Parliament with 254 votes for and 176 against. The Boc II government is the first government that fell through a motion of censure.