A judge presiding over a children tribunal in Dublin, Ireland, declared after a trial that "Roma people raise their children with the intent of teaching them how to steal, apparently this is their culture, this is the way in which, unfortunately, these families function. It is a different culture, it has nothing in common with ours and our shops are constantly robbed." During the trial, a young Roma woman from Romania was accused of theft.

The 16-year old teenager came to Ireland when she was 13 and she is now the mother of pone child. She is accused of multiple thefts from various shops in Dublin. She was sentenced to spend 7 days in prison after she first got arrested, and a 200 euros fine. Irish social and health services which investigated her life did not take any measure, considering she does not need any help.

Every year, Ireland spends millions of euros from the state budget for services meant for Romanian Roma ethnics, covering lawyer costs, social and health services and child benefits.

Last Monday, the Police in Dublin dismantled several Romanian criminal networks, follow a year of operations, arresting 300 Romanian Gypsies. During the last months, Romanian crime gangs hit West Ireland as well, with the city of Galway being the most affected. Tens of shop-owners threatened to take justice into their own hands if authorities do not end the phenomenon.