Ukrainian President Viktor Iuscenko requested urgent help on Sunday from the United States, the European Union and the neighbouring countries to stop the spread of the H1N1 flu affecting the country, according to a Ukrainian presidency administration communiqué quoted by the international press.

The Presidential communiqué reads that the threat against Ukraine's national security and the fact that Ukraine cannot neutralise the flu with all its own forces compels the president to ask Ukraine's friends and strategic allies for immediate help.

The letter that Iuscenko addressed his homologues contains a list of medicine and basic equipment that the country needs to fight efficiently against the spreading of the swine flu, the communiqué adds.

So far, 60 people died with flu in Ukraine, having acute respiratory difficulties, the Health Minister announced on Sunday evening, but without mentioning how many of them were actually diagnosed with swine flu.

There have been four cases of swine flue deceased officially. On the whole, 191,431 people suffer of flu, especially in West Ukraine, and 7,524 of them have been hospitalised. Ukraine has 46 million residents.

Several countries responded to Kiev's appeal, among which Slovakia and Poland.