Marian Lupu, a runner up for Moldova's presidency, does not exclude signing a collaboration agreement between the Democratic Party from the republic of Moldova and the United Russia Party, Vladimir Putin's Party, according to The information comes following Lupu and Vladimir Voronin's visits to Moscow. "Kremlin got involved in the political fight in Moldova, where a president cannot be elected after half a year", Kommersant reads.

Unimedia informs that has been invited by the United Russia (Edinaia Rossia), Vladimir Putin's party. He met with Constantin Kosaciov, president of the Foreign Policy State Duma, with the presidential administration chief Serghei Nariskin and with Tatiana Iakovleva, member of the ruling party.

Marian Lupu is the candidate for Moldova's presidency representing the Alliance for European Integration (AIE). To be elected, he needs to secure eight votes from the Communist Party.

Lupu's visit took place one day after Vladimir Voronin, the ex-president of the Republic pf Moldova, paid a visit himself to Moscow.

Communist Voronin, asked to decide for a leader

Kremlin got involved in the political fight from Moldova, a country left without a president for half a year now. According to Kommersant, Kremlin tried to convince Voronin to back the AIE leader to the Moldovan presidential elections.

Should the political crisis in Moldova lead to new parliamentary elections, the power might be taken by forces that are not favourable to Russia's interests, the publication goes on. Voronin's calling on Moscow can be Moldova's chance to get out of the political crisis. Communist deputies take 48 seats in the Parliament from Chisinau. They have refused so far to back Lupu for the president role. AIE holds 53 seats, not enough to elect a president on their own.

Voronin's presence in Moscow was not made official, but Kommersant received the confirmation both from the Moldovan Communist party leadership and from the Russian presidential administration.

"Voronin was received by the Medvedev administration chief, Sergei Naryshkin. The communist leader needs to understand that his political resources have run out. I proposed to Voronion very clear work schemes. Lupu's support was also on the agenda. So far, he ignored our suggestions. Let us see what he will do from now on", Kommersant reads.

The presidential elections date was not made official in Chisinau. But the pools need to take place no later than November 11. Previously, the Russian authorities have suggested many times that Lupu was a convenient solution.