Romanians are again, the main targets of the Statistical File edited by Caritas/Migrantes, presented at Rome last month. With almost 800000 citizens living in the Peninsula at December 31, 2008, our community occupies the first place followed by Albania and Morocco each with 400 000.

When Romania joined the EU, Romanians became European citizens, with the same status as Italians. However, they continue to be the object of various studies and research on immigration. The 2009 report offers a key lecture about immigration in Italy, Antonio Ricci, one of the writers of the report said.

The aim of the report is to increase awareness of Italian institutions so that they will improve the integration of those deciding to move to Italy, through a hospitality policy. Fini is the one to promote the right to vote of immigrants. Recently, he supported in the Parliament a change in the rules needed to obtain citizenship.

The report reads that there are about 800 000 Romanians in Italy but real life shows that there are more than 1 million.