UPDATE Marian Lupu, the Democratic Party from Moldova leader and the Alliance for European integration candidate for Moldova's presidency raised 53 votes in the Parliament on Tuesday, insufficient to se him elected Moldova's president, Unimedia informs. A new election will take place within the following 30 days.

Lupu did not manage to raise more than 53 votes, namely all the deputy mandates the Alliance for European Integration holds. Lupu needed eight more votes.

The Parliamentary plenum in Chisinau scheduled the voting of Republic of Moldavia's president today, November 10, 2009. The sole candidate for the state's presidency recorded by the special commission was Marian Lupu, leader of the Democratic Party, running on behalf of the Alliance for European Integration.

The Alliance holds 53 deputy mandates and needs eight more votes from the Communist Party to select the chief of state.

The communists (PCRM) hold 48 mandates and announced beforehand that they would not back Marian Lupu for the chief of state role.

According to the republic's Constitution, the president has to be elected by receiving at least 61 votes from the 101 deputies in the Parliament.

Meanwhile, Marian Lupu met Russian president Dmitri Medvedev, a gesture that has been interpreted as Moscow supporting his candidacy, the press in Chisinau reads.

There will be new elections in 30 days. If another failure is recorded on the second attempt as well, the country's temporary president, Mihai Ghimpu, will be forced to dissolve the parliament and announce early parliamentary elections.