Romanians living abroad cast a vote today, hoping for a change. By 5 PM, 50,000 Romanian citizens across the world voted, Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry announced. The biggest turnout was registered in Moldova, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Hungary, Greece, Great Britain, Austria, Cyprus and Afghanistan. Follow the main events at the voting section in Germany, Italy and Belgium related by correspondents.

Hundreds of Romanians gathered in front of the Romanian Embassy in Brussels, despite the wind and cold to cast a vote in the Presidential elections. Romanians had to wait, on average, about two hours to cast a vote in a hope that once they return, they will have a decent living.

By 3:30 PM, 2500 Romanians expressed their options and most of them only knew the three main candidates to the Presidential elections. If some expressed their wish to vote for the ex-Communist leader Ceausescu, others would have preferred independent candidates.

In Germany, at Stuttgart, a German official declared that he never say as many Romanians or a line at the voting section. In Germany, most of the people questioned said that they cast a vote for continuity and in hope for a better life.

Over 200 Romanians mushroomed around 2PM in Stuttgart, after the sermon at the Orthodox Church finished. Some of the Church counselors declared that they hope the new President will financially support the restoration works at their Church.

In Italy, Rome, Romanians were expected to vote at Accademia di Romania, in Rome's best neighborhood. Italian news television Rai aired from the voting section and questioned some of the Romanians.

Romanian Viorica, aged 43 declared that she votes on the one hand because it is a right she has, and, on the other hand, because someday she plans to return home. Marcel, a worker in Rome said that he votes in hope of justice.

However, there are still people that did not vote since they feel that their vote does not help them in any way. In Italy, there are 55 voting sections, compared to the 20 sections available last year. Most of them are in the Lazio region: in Rome alone there are 5 voting sections.